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6 Week Fitness Challenge: Only $199
Get measurable results in just 6 weeks: Only $199!
Our challenge is not about doing unhealthy things to lose excessive weight in a short amount of time. Our challengers who work hard in the gym AND in the kitchen often reach excellent weight loss and muscle gain goals during their 6 weeks with us. You will be measured with fitness tests to track your progress at the beginning and end.

6-Week Challenge
  • Pay $199 upfront and hand us a check for $200 (We hold onto the check and won't cach it)
  • Baseline testing for strength, flexibility and weight
     - Customized nutrition program
     - Food and Fitness Journal
     - Weekly accountability weigh-In
     - Commit to working out 5 days per week for 6 weeks
  • Weekly accountability (meet with a trainer to review your food, fitness journal and physical improvements)
  • Full access to all classes and events
  • Final results and weigh-in​
  • ​Your $200 check will be returned upon successful completion
Contact Information
phone: (503) 305-6222
Offer Valid: December 27, 2018December 31, 2019
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