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BONES! Everyone has them but most people don't know that the health of their bones affects physical strength, balance, joint pain, balance, osteoporosis, diabetes and even immunity.
One myth about bone health is that walking and weight training is good for the bones. Sadly, it's not true and many people suffer life changing consequences of this disinformation.
OsteoStrong is an integrated wellness center that specializes in using science and technology to help heal not only the bones, but the entire body. This is called biohacking. It is not only used to heal the body naturally but high performing athletes use it improve and enhance performance.
The beauty of OsteoStrong that all the benefits come from one weekly 15-minute session. A certified coach ensures results and safety.
In addition to the restorative work done at OsteoStrong, we provide education on achieving healthy bones naturally through a bone friendly diet, the correct supplementation and current scientific knowledge. We are happy to provide workshops or bone density screenings to your group, church or business.


We offer Free Bone Density Screenings for your group, church or organization
Your bones are your foundation, they serve you in many more ways than you know
Our staff are fun, enthusiastic and most importantly, well trained.
We have been featured on TV multiple times and even had our own radio show for a while
She's 92 and had a 100% strength increase! Imagine how this changed her daily life.
Results are measurable!
Another happy member
You never know what to expect with our beautiful bones ambassador Skelly
Here is where the magic happens, nope, not like gym equipment, it only looks like it
Now offering REMS Echolight Bone Health Evaluations

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