Ruzzo's Retreat

Ruzzo's Retreat


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About Us

Ruzzo was created by a father, son and close friends who were motivated to bring excitement and happiness during the heart of the pandemic. Our close knit family decided to brave the unknown in hopes to reach a community that needed something different. What started as a well liked beverage, Ruzzo became a journey to bring people together during a time that was keeping us apart.

The Ruzzo family is made up of highly motivated people, dedicated to inspiring and bringing people together with our new beverage category we created called Hard Citrus. It's light and bubbly with great flavor and a refreshing finish.

Our mission is to educate the world on our unique drink and bring a brand new innovative product to the people of this world. It all started out with making beer. Then hard cider came. Next it was seltzer. Now, the new revolution: Hard Citrus.


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