Life-Giving Touch Massage LLC

Life-Giving Touch Massage LLC



About Us

My passion and desire is to help clients who lead active lives, and for those who have been injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident. Active Lifestyle Massage Therapy is what I provide and can be defined in three special area's: treatment specific, injury repair and targeted work. My goal is to be impactful in realigning, resetting and restoring my client's areas of dysfunction, to reduce uncomfortable tension and allow for more efficient movement.

Alongside my goal is my intent to get results during recovery from soft tissue trauma. The benefits are many and to name a few are, improving circulation, decreasing anxiety, having less pain and soreness, reduce headaches, increase flexibility, relieve tension and tightness, improve mobility and release compensatory patterns. So much more, but ultimately restoring the clients peace of mind, returning them back to their active lives.