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My passion has always been in finance, health and physical wellness, which led me on the path of entrepreneurship.
From the time I started in business, I found that I enjoyed making connections and building a community of resources in various industries.

After 14 years working as a personal trainer, Covid wreaked havoc on the health and wellness industry. Luckily with my financial plan in place I was able to weather the storm.

Many businesses and families I knew were not able to weather that storm.
Talking with many of these people and businesses, they struggled because they didn't have a financial plan or protection measures setup. This was a changing point in my life. As a result of these conversations, my calling moved from helping people with their physical health to helping people with their financial health.

Being a client of Northwestern Mutual for years myself, I knew what they did for me and I knew what I could do for others.
Northwestern Mutual is the strongest in the industry and having a team behind me with the expertise to help me better prepare my clients, made this an easy decision.
My main focus in life has always been to be of service to people and helping them reach their dreams and goals. I am now in a position to do that.

Let's connect and discuss what goals and dreams you want to make happen!
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